E. Doctor Smith is a drummer, producer, electronic percussionist and recording artist with Edgetone Records, who has performed with the likes of Brian Eno, Madonna, Bon Lozago, Howard Levy, Trey Gunn and many more!

Doc will be performing Saturday, February 2nd in Seattle and Sunday, February 3rd on Vashon Island with Jason Everett’s Deep Energy Orchestra, featuring Trey Gunn, Fareed Haque, Phil Hirschi, Radhika Iyer, Rachel Nesvig, Aleida Gehrels, Chaz Hastings, and the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra! Get tickets here!

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Doc’s latest project is his upcoming album “True Fire” with bansurist John Wubbenhorst, the sequel to John’s 2006 album “True Water” with percussionist Ken Anoff. This album also features music from the group Facing East. Special guests include 7 string bassist Jason Everett, keyboardist Tom Canning and vocalist Mahesh Vinayakram!


You can also follow Doc on Twitter and Facebook for news and updates!

E. Doctor Smith